Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hooray! I've Got Cigarettes Again!

That's right! I'm able to smoke again! Actually I'm smoking a cigarette right now as I'm typing here! I was able to buy more cigarettes with my adsense money! (Just in case you don't know what adsense is you can check out The Adsense Consultant's Blog.

It feels really, really good to have cigarettes again after about a week and a half of not having them! I even got a bit dizzy when I smoked the first one.

Say what you will, I just can not function correctly without them. I have to have my cigarettes. I didn't even have to buy a cheaper brand. I was able to get my own favorite brand of cigarettes. So now I have enough cigarettes to last me for a week! I am definitely a very happy person!


Thursday, January 17, 2008


The Law Of Attraction? - It Works! I Manifested A Couple Of Cigarettes!

Okay, so I'm sitting at home and I want a cigarette soooooooooo badly! I know that I will be getting some money in the next two weeks but that isn't helping my craving now! (By the way, the money that I am getting is from my Adsense ads)

So I'm thinking about cigarettes. Sometimes I just think of and picture myself smoking a cigarette and a few of the times I'm thinking about having a whole carton of cigarettes.

Anyway on this particular day I had to be ready because some repair guys were coming to take care of the water heater. Meanwhile I'm still thinking about cigarettes. Well the guys were supposed to come during the early morning but they came a few hours later. I saw their truck outside but they didn't come to the door right away. I just figured that since it was around lunch time they were either eating their lunch or they just stayed in their truck to smoke. I thought of how nice it would be if I could bum a cigarette off of them.

So they finally came in to fix the water heater and in the meantime I was still wanting a cigarette so badly but I was just too embarrassed to ask them - I didn't even if they smoked. Well when they were finished and it was time for them to leave the subject came up of why they were in their truck so long and it turned out that they actually were smoking! I bummed a few cigarettes off of them!

This law of attracting and manifesting what you want really does work!

I smoked the cigarettes and I was very grateful to have had them!

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Thursday, January 10, 2008


More Cigarettes!

Well my brother's money came and I was able to buy some more cigarettes! He is a smoker like me and he sent me the money because he knows what it feels like to be a smoker and be without cigarettes!

I was able to purchase 3 packs of cigarettes with the money that he sent to me - so that will last me a few days.

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Friday, January 04, 2008


"I'm Out Of Cigarettes Again!

My brother has promised to send me some money so that I can buy some more cigarettes. Bless him because he is a smoker too and he knows how it feels to be without cigarettes and wanting to smoke one real bad! So he's sending me some money and it will be a wait but hopefully I will get the money on Monday - this being a Friday! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get some cigarettes real soon! I'm real grateful that my brother is sending me some money and the knowing that he did send it is making things a little bit easier.

Sometimes I think that this is a test just to see how badly I want to continue to smoke and I have to tell you that it doesn't matter because no matter how long I'm without cigarettes I never want to give the habit up. As a matter of fact the longer that I am withoout cigarettes the more my vow to continue smoking!

I haven't gotten any donations yet but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I will get some donations via Paypal. Paypal donations take about 3 business days to clear and a pack of cigarettes - my favorite brand - Kools - cost around $5 a pack. If you have it within your heart please donate to a worthy cause - me

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